To apply to be an expert in any of the topics below, click on the relevant link to take the assessment. 

If you are already an expert on Sphere, please start a trial for any topics you wish to become an expert in as this is the best way to become an expert in additional topic.

If you have been referred by someone you know, make sure to enter their expert referral code in the appropriate field on the assessment you complete (otherwise we will not be able to credit them if you successfully become an expert later on).

Please be aware that your profile will display a maximum of 30 tags, so if you have passed the assessments for more than 30 topics you will not see some topics on your profile. This will not affect your ability to receive and answer chat requests in those topics.

Art and Design:

Art- Photography

Accounting - Careers Guidance - Cryptocurrency - Finance  - Human Resources - Interview Tips - Marketing - Sales - Startups 


C++ - CSS - HTML - Java - JavaScript - PHP - Python 


Betting Tips - Book Tips - Gaming - Movie Tips - Music Tips 


Makeup - Men's Fashion - Women's Fashion 


Counselling - Drugs - Fitness - Medical - Nutrition 


Cooking - DIY - Gardening - Pets - Sushi - Wine 


Commercial Law - Contract Law - Corporate Law - Criminal Law - Family Law - Employment Law- Personal Injury Law


Business News - Entertainment News - Science News - Tech News - UK News - US News - World News - Weather


Dating - Parenting - Sex Advice




Athletics - Baseball - Basketball - Boxing - Cricket - Football (Soccer) - Formula One - Golf - Rugby - Tennis - Volleyball 


French/English - Italian/English - Spanish/English 


Bangkok - Istanbul - London - New York City - Paris - Singapore- New Delhi- Amsterdam


Biology - Chemistry - Economics - Education Guidance - English - Geography - History - Mathematics - Music - Philosophy - Physics - Politics - Psychology - Religious Studies


Please fill out our pre-application form for Customer Service and we will contact you in future if your application is successful. 

Please be aware that we aren't currently looking for more Customer Service experts, however if you fill in this form you will be contacted by a member of our team when we next recruit Customer Service experts.

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