People who have full access to cash rewards on Zwerl earn a fixed maximum amount per chat that they participate in, regardless of how long the chat lasted (although all group chats are limited to 10 minutes).

Badges and Reputation show which people are contributing positively to the Zwerl Community and answering users’ questions effectively.

We use the Reputation Score you’ve attained to assign you to a Reputation Level. As you answer more chat requests and your Reputation Score increases, your Reputation Level will increase and the amount you’ll be able to earn for successfully answering a chat will increase. 

The Reputation Levels are as follows:

For example, if you have full access and a Reputation score of 700, you can earn up to $1.20 per chat.


Your earnings also take into account the number of endorsements you receive at the end of each chat, so if you receive 80% of the endorsements for a chat you’ll earn 80% of your Reputation Level maximum. For example if you have 4K Reputation and receive 46% endorsement in a chat you’ll receive $0.60 for that chat (46% of $1.30).

If you don't receive any earnings from group chats, it could be because:

  1. You have not received endorsements from the user or other participants.
  2. You voted ‘I don’t know' at the end of the chat. Our guidelines state that to be eligible for payment you need to vote at the end of each chat. Voting means choosing the person that gave the most helpful answer in the chat, or voting for no one. If you leave a chat early, you should use the "I don't know" option on the endorsement screen, however please be aware that this means you will be ineligible for payment.
  3. The user voted 'no one' at the end of the chat, indicating that their question was not answered. If the user votes ‘no one’, then this is considered an unanswered question, making all participants ineligible for any payment. 
  4. The user did not send any messages, and did not leave a vote at the end of the chat. We consider this to be an inactive chat, and do not issue payments.
  5. You were part of the group chat for less than 30 seconds. If you leave before 30 seconds you may be ineligible to vote.

You must not ask others to endorse you in exchange for endorsement in group chats (e.g. ‘If you vote for me, I’ll vote for you’). This is strictly prohibited on Zwerl and you risk being suspended. You may, however, remind others how to endorse you for giving a good answer.

Community Bonus

We add a Community Bonus to your earnings when you create chat requests, and you can see your current Community Bonus on your Profile.

Daily Bonus

We reward a Daily Chat Bonus for the first chat you answer each day. This is in addition to any chat earnings you may have for that chat, and will be shown separately on the summary screen. 

You only get a daily bonus if it's been 24 hours since your last daily bonus. For example, if you receive a daily bonus at 12pm on Monday, and answer a few chat requests on Tuesday prior to 12pm, you would not receive the bonus. You need to answer chat requests at or after 12pm to receive it in this case.

To receive your daily bonus, you must vote for either another person, or ‘no one’. If you vote ‘don’t know’, you will not be eligible for any payment. The user must also vote for someone, indicating that their question was answered. If the user votes ‘no one’, then this is considered an unanswered question, making all participants ineligible for any payment (including the daily bonus).

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